Exterior Products

Paint with the purest silicates for an unexpected longevity and durability and in absolute respect for the environment, combined with very high breathability and non-flammable.

  • TASSANI - Acryldom
    Acryldom is a matt finish washable acrylic water-based paint made by Colorificio Tassani for painting exterior and interior wall surfaces.
  • BRAVA - Paranza
    Traditional copper based antifouling for boats. Suitable for fiberglass, metal or wood boats. It can be applied onto most pre-existing antifouling paints.
  • TYTAN - Acrilico ruvido
    Professional acrylic sealant with excellent quality, adhesion and elasticity, acrylic latex-based in dispersion which when hardening creates a seal with a rough finish plaster effect that is extremely elastic and smooth. For connecting and sealing building materials, expansion joints, sealing of windows and interior walls. Enamel paintable and paintable. Recommended for repairing and sealing joints and cracks on the walls.
  • ISOLTOP - Resphira
    Resphira Z is a patented panel for creating the base of an external thermal breathing insulation system.
  • KEIM Contact-Plus
    The solution for problematic substrates. For closing crackle, for evening out plaster differences, an adhesive bridge between old resin paints followed by KEIM silicate paints. Composed of high-quality raw materials, non-film-forming, UV-resistant, non-flammable, fibre-reinforced.
  • TASSANI - Legnobel
    Acrylic water-based impregnator for indoor and outdoor use. It penetrates deep into the pores of the wood, preserving it from natural deterioration and protecting it from the elements. The colouring that it gives to common essences is an effective barrier to the action of ultraviolet rays.
  • KEIM Unikristalat
    A paint with pure silicate single-component, especially suitable for historic buildings or green buildings as its formulation is based on binders without organic additives and water repellent substances. Can be used on absorbent mineral substrates even with a thickness of less than 5 mm.
  • TASSANI - Tassoil
    Synthetic enamel This is a universal use enamel with good shine, expansion and coverage for long-lasting and shiny finishes on the outside and inside. Suitable for wood and iron.


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